Classic Cars & Wiring

Sports Activation (Spts Act) has a love for Classic American Cars and their wiring restoration.

Spts Act is a Dealer for American Auto Wire. American Auto Wire is one of the foremost classic car wiring companies. American Auto Wire has both custom car and factory OEM wiring restoration kits to serve the car communities. We support: hotrods,  street machine, racing, and most upgraded classic cars. Our favorite classics are Chevrolet Tri-Five years of 1955, 1956 & 1957 along with some of America’s favorite full size, factory muscle and stylish body styles. Spts Act is here to serve all Facebook Groups and Clubs, the upper middle area of the State of Indiana, Southern Michigan, NW Ohio and including the Chicago area. Call 773-791-7311 for all your wiring needs. Our location is in Culver, Indiana 46511.


We host several Facebook Groups dedicated to the classic car restoration and classic car events. Join us to celebrate classic cars.

  1. Post your classic car event poster on our Shows link.
  2. Join us, if you own a Chevy Tri-Five 1955, 1956, or 1957 classic car and model.
  3. Attend our classic car & antique boat show we host in Culver during the month of July.


We have many classic car, antique boaters, and volleyball friends out there. Check out their links, join their fun groups and get involved.